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A little bit about me

If there was ever a period of time that made us appreciate the amazing world we have around us, it would have been the last 24 months. For so many around the globe, the inability to travel was the least of their concerns as priorities rightly remained on health, family, and finances.

However, as we start to navigate through the challenges, it is now time to venture out and start exploring once again. What better place to do this than in my own backyard of the Philippines. Not only are there amazing places in the Philippines to explore, but by doing so we will also be supporting the local economy and communities.

The last decade has been full of travel adventures, but post COVID I have decided to take things one step further and start documenting these adventures to share with friends old and new around the world.

So join me on these adventures - whether online through this blog and my social media accounts, or in-person if our paths are to cross on the adventure of life.

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